News from the Sampson Hearing

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Sen. Charles Schumer then asked about Gonzales also claiming that he saw no documents on this matter.

Sampson replied: “I don’t think it’s entirely accurate.”

Schumer: “There was repeated discussions?”

Sampson : “Yes.”

Schumer: “As many as, say, five.”

Sampson: “Yes.”

Schumer then asked if Gonzales was truthful in saying Sampson’s information on the firings was not shared within the department.

Sampson: “I shared information with whoever asked….I was very open and collaborative in the process.”

Schumer: “So the Attorney General’s statement is false?”

Sampson: “I don’t think it is accurate.”

Do you think Sampson was attempting some kind of Jedi Mind trick here? “These are not the lies you’re looking for”? Otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever.

But, you know, it’s been like hours since Sampson testified. Old news. Move along, people…