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McCain Donkey Dance

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Today’s story in the Hill about John McCain’s flirtation with joining the Democratic Party certainly is astonishing, and yet no so. If I remember correctly, John Weaver was in a totally disgusted, party-switching mood himself around that time, and did some work for the DLC. (The presence of Bull Moose Marshall Wittman–who pointedly refused to comment on the Hill story–meant that McCain’s advisors were a far more hybrid crew in 2001 than they are today.) Certainly, the McCainians, include John and Cindy, were way pissed off at Bush after the 2000 election. Certainly, there was a lot of third party talk going on. But it ended abruptly on September 11, 2001.

Bottom line: This certainly isn’t going to help McCain win the Republican nomination. I wonder who leaked it.