Debate Prep–for Me

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Well, not debate exactly, but definitely prep, which I can always use…

Commenter Terrapin writes:

Karen – I am thrilled to see that you are scheduled to appear on the Diane Rehm Show tomorrow morning at 10am EST. Although conservative voices consistently outweigh progressive voices on her panel it is still one of the best shows on radio.

I’d like to request that you dedicate your next couple of blog posts to a kind of ‘debate prep’ for the show. We would love to spend some time going over the weeks news with you and then after the show we can talk about how it went. For the many commentors on this thread that have a weakness for media criticism it would be heaven.

I am indeed doing Diane Rehm’s weekly “News Roundup,” a regular segment of her call-in radio show, which is based here in DC at WAMU and carried around the country (and even overseas) on NPR. It’s one of the more thoughtful shows on radio–or at least, one of the more thoughtful that would invite me on. The news roundup segment has become so popular that Diane expanded it some months ago to two hours, with the first hour devoted to domestic news of the week and the second one to international. The topics we cover are often in flux until the last minute–this being the nature of news–but the likely ones for this week include the US attorneys controversy and the latest shuffling around in the presidential race.