It Must Be Something in the Water

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This guy I know has a smart column in the Observer today:

The D.C. pundits are swooning in chorus. Dr. Krauthammer, with much jowly regret, called for Mr. Gonzales to resign over his clumsy handling of the fallout from the controversy, but confidently dubbed the controversy proper a “pseudo scandal.” Time magazine columnist Michael Kinsley recited the standard media line, pronouncing in a sweeping but ignorant flourish of capital insiderism that “there is … nothing illegal about a president firing a U.S. attorney. There is nothing even … wrong with it.” (It’s precisely this sort of razor-sharp skepticism that has evidently earned Mr. Kinsley The Week magazine’s 2006 “Columnist of the Year” award.) (Disclaimer: The piece was published on Time’s blog, which is edited by Ana Marie Cox, to whom this writer is married.)

If anyone would like to invite us to do, well, almost anything, I’m pretty sure the Cox-Lehmann social calendar just opened up considerably.

UPDATE: The Powers That Be have asked me to clarify a minor error on the Observer’s part: I don’t “edit” Swampland. No one does. . . as you might be able to tell.