In Which My Boss Responds to My Email

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First, I want to say that we’ve come a long way from Henry Luce. This kind of back and forth is something that is particular to this time and this technology and — just to peel back the curtain a bit — I had no idea whether my boss, Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel, would actually respond. But he has, and I think he’s totally bloggy about it. And I mean that in a good way. Emails Rick:

In reading your reaction to my comments on Chris Matthews, I realize
that I’ve been caught out speaking as a citizen rather than as editor of Time. Lord knows, the Democrats going after Karl Rove is “interesting” in an objective way for Time and for journalists in general. It’s hard to overstate Rove’s role in this administration and it would certainly create yards of headlines and good copy if the Democrats manage to get some
traction. But as a citizen, I think it’s unfortunate and perhaps short-sighted for Democrats to be perceived as focusing on the past rather than the future. If people see the Democrats as obsessively concerned with settling scores, that’s not good for the Democrats or the country. And I would make the exact same statement about the Republicans if they were in this situation. Meanwhile, the next time I’m on Chris Matthews, I’ll muzzle my citizen’s thoughts.

And, Ana, don’t you have a story due?

Best, Rick