Stand by Your Yes Man

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On the way into work today, I said to Swamphusband, “You know, the only thing that would make this AG scandal more awesome is if Bush refused to let Gonzales go.”

Said Swamphusband, “Oh, he’s gone, he’s got to go. He’ll resign or Bolten will do it or something.” And, for a moment, I thought, could it be possible? Will the WH really be smart enough to take steps to kill the scandal before another news cycle?


”The president reaffirmed his strong backing of the attorney general and his support for him,” Perino said. ”The president called him to reaffirm his support.”

It’s like Christmas! Fitzmas! (Sort of actually!) Feliz Gonzalades!

What’s your favorite recently-released-present? I’ve got to go with the incredible sarcastic “I’m sad because Carol Lam is a lame-o” (paraphrasing) email. Other nominees?

UPDATE: A comment that struck me last night but has disappeared off the front page deserves some attention here:

No one ever argued that Nixon violated the law in the Saturday Night Massacre, either.

Abuse of power is abuse of power. And it’s totally fun to watch people get caught doing it. Scandal, I say, scandal! Escandelo! (Shout-out to my indie rock peeps.)