CIA Leak Hearings

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First, a fashion note: Valerie’s hair looks fantastic (and in general so does she) but her blazer stripes moire badly on camera. SOLIDS, Val. Continuing the fashion commentary, there’s a woman in a hot pink blazer with a matching “impeach Bush now” t-shirt trying desperately to get on camera.

As for substance: The detailed story of how Wilson got sent to Niger will be welcomed by both sides. The left will grab onto her passive role in the process (her boss asked her to ask him), the right will note that she did ask him. The whole thing has been remarkably partisan so far, with Waxman even managing to tag Bush as one of the leakers of Plame-Wilson’s identity. And Valerie just noted that it was “three Republican Senators” who wrote the original congressional report on the issue. Emphasis hers.

There is very elaborate chart that I hope we see more of.

I just noticed that Ms. Hot Pink is also wearing a crown.

UPDATE: Thanks to James in Los Angeles for pointing out that FDL is doing one of their invaluable live-blogs on the hearings.