Darth Cheney

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18 percent approval. Wow. Just… wow. If he had feelings, I’m sure they’d be hurt by this.

UPDATE: I used to joke that Cheney was so disliked he was actually less popular than torture. I have been making this joke for so long, I actually had forgotten the numbers. (My memory being Libby-like in the first place.) Turns out saying that Dick Cheney is less popular than torture is like saying slugs are less popular than ice cream. Well, like a gross flavor of ice cream. I could only find a 2004 poll handy, but it says sixty-three percent of Americans say torture should never be used, leaving a tantalizing 37 percent who apparently are okay with it. Cheney wishes for 37 percent!

UPDATE: Commenter “space” makes an excellent point: “In fairness to torture, it might be more popular if Cheney wasn’t dragging down its poll numbers.”