I Make the Obvious Joke So You Don’t Have to

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Amanda Marcotte, no longer restricted by working for the Edwards campaign, tries out for the Clinton one.

Not that getting this rather cliched — yet irresistible — joke out here and now will stop others. Prediction: A version of this joke, even less funny and by that time unbearably dated, will appear on next week’s “Half-Hour News Hour.”

UPDATE: Husband and I tried to watch HHNH during half-time of the All-Star game, but it was even more painful than witnessing the East get slaughtered (GILBERT, get it together, man!). Really, really foul stuff. Sometimes literally, like the running gag about Ed Beagley Jr’s “hybrid” car running on “human waste.” He apparently recently filled it! Hardee-har-har-har. If this is conservative humor, I can understand why they don’t think torture is so bad.