And Jokes Just Keep on Not Coming

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More from Fox’s “Half Hour News Hour,” this clip attempts to derive laughs from the idea of “President Rush and Vice President Ann Coulter.”

I’ll grant there is much humor to be wrested from that hypothetical (and horrifying) scenario, most of the jokes probably having to do with making Oxycotin available over-the-counter and installing federally-funded vomatoriums in public spaces. (Oh, and imprisoning all the liberals! They’re “traitors,” you know.) This is not the direction that the HHNH chose to go. Rather, they went with “Rush as President! Funny! Cindy Sheehan going on a cross country shooting-spree! Hilarious!” As humor goes, it’s not exactly up to SNL’s Nixon telling Lincoln “You’re lucky, they shot you,” but it’s just above Idiocracy’s “Ow My Balls.”

Still, nice to imagine we’d elect a President who’s written a couple of books, let alone read some.

UPDATE: An anonymous commenter to my previous post makes point echoed by others here, which is that

Fox news seems to think the main goal of the Daily Show is attack Conservatives. What they don’t understand is that the main goal of the Daily Show is attack the news media.

I think this is a distinction that conservatives appear not to get, but I would make a further one, which is that the goal of TDS is to be funny. Right, left, media, celebrities — they’re all fodder for mocking. TDS has carved out a nice niche for itself as mocking whatever is being treated as “news” that day, which can mean they have a pretty wide array of targets, the media itself being by far the largest.

I think their focus on media over politics/politicians is something that’s evolved over the last three or four years, probably in response (at least in part) to their having become a media phenomenon themselves — in their shoes, I’d certainly question the judgment of a group of professionals that elevated me because I was doing the job that they should be doing.