Bush Press Conference, the Non-Important Stuff

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Well, it looks like we’ll be invading Iran, huh? In other news, our former colleague Mike Allen got a nice little shout out for a venture those in DC may have heard something about (unofficial t’script thanks to pal MM):

bush (calling on allen): michael, who do you work for?

allen: politico.com, mr. president.

bush: politico.com? do you want to take a moment to explain to the american people what that’s all about?

allen: thanks for the question, mr. president.

bush: stop being so evasive. (gregory says something off mic.) oh, it’s good? you like it? david gregory likes it. this is the makings of a little blurb.

The Politico: David Gregory Likes It.

I can’t be the only person who wonders if the thing that Bush wanted Mike to “explain to the American people what’s that all about” might be the “dot-com” portion of the name, not the title of the enterprise.

UPDATE: From the official transcript:

THE PRESIDENT: Michael. Michael, who do you work for? (Laughter.)

Q Mr. President, I work for Politico.com.

THE PRESIDENT: Pardon me? Politico.com?

Q Yes, sir. Today. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: You want a moment to explain to the American people exactly what — (laughter.)

Q Mr. President, thank you for the question. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Quit being so evasive.

Q You should read it.

THE PRESIDENT: Is it good? You like it?

Q David Gregory —

THE PRESIDENT: David Gregory likes it. I can see the making of a testimonial. (Laughter.) Anyway, go ahead, please.