Re: Brrrrrrrrrack Obama

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Reporters’ comments on the bitter cold in Springfield during Obama’s announcement Saturday mostly amounted to color: The temperature gave another dimension to descriptions of the event and gave journalists a way to contextualize the enthusiasm his candidacy currently draws. The media’s complaints, though I’m sure quite genuine, seemed good natured (such as the one filed by Joe here).

So when I read one account arguing Obama’s decision to make his speech when and where he did “raised questions about his judgment” and “risked the ire” of reporters, I assumed that the writer was either joking or desperately seeking a fresh angle beyond the generally laudatory coverage the announcement brought. (My husband pointed out that if reporters would rather file from warmer locales, there are probably openings in their Baghdad bureau.) But maybe the press corps is pricklier than I thought — check out this (second ever) “Obama Pool Report,” filed by The Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet:

CHICAGO-The following is a pool report from a fundraiser for
White House hopeful Barack Obama. Since it is getting late.reporters on deadline please note that your pooler will be moving a few grafs about the event and a quote from Obama with more to come. The campaign did not send out an advisory about the event or include it on the schedule but did allow one print pool reporter.

And part two:

Pooler was not allowed in the ballroom to observe remarks by Michelle Obama and Penny Pritzker, who spoke before Obama’s remarks. But your pooler, staffed by Burton, was allowed to take notes and tape the amplified sound she could hear clearly through a wall.

I suppose it’s just a matter of time before reporters accuse Obama of claiming to have invented the Internet.