Consider this “Friday Gilbert-Blogging”

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Here at Swampland HQ, there is a topic that we turn to almost as often as politics, and that is the fountain of awesomeness that is Wizards superstar Gilbert Arenas. Imagine my joy at another blogger creating a way — a dubious yet enjoyable way — to bring Swamplanders’ two favorite subjects together:

*The “Black President” Factor: Obama would like to become the first black president. Arenas actually calls himself “The Black President.” (I’m not kidding: It’s the name of Gilbert’s MySpace page.)

Coincidently, today’s WSJ has a story contending that Gilbert is the first sports star of the blogosphere (does he blog? Oh yes, he blogs). Also coincidentally, Time’s Sean Gregory just did a profile of Gilbert. It skips the important political and blogospheric implications of Agent Zero, but it does contain some choice Gilbert details, such as his plan to rent a blimp to fly over the All-Star Game. Its message? “Agent Zero has arrived.”