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No Debate?

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I just spoke with a prominent Democratic member of the Senate who is worried that the anti-surge forces won’t be able to muster the 60 votes necessary to open debate this evening on the Warner resolution to oppose the President’s policies in Iraq.

If so, the Republicans are going to have to explain what they have against free speech…

2:07 PM Update: Harry Reid is on the floor of Senate saying the Republicans have refused all deals on staging a debate…”The minority…has decided to stamp out debate. America demands more than filibuster on the President’s flawed plan.”

2:14PM: Did I just hear Reid say, “According to the Republican leader, all Republicans will vote not to proceed” with the debate? That seems weird: Warner will vote against debating his own proposal?

2:20 PM–Mitch McConnell, Republican leader, has called this “a bump in the road…and aa fairness vote.” Apparently, he wants all resolutions subjected to 60 vote majority

2:25 PM–Reid: why not a simple up or down vote on each of the resolutions–Warner, McCain, Gregg (which would posit that the Senate will not cut off support for the troops).

3 pm–Apparently there will be a debate on whether or not to have a debate at 4pm, and aa vote at 5:30 pm…I’ll be back at 4 pm.