Football at Foggy Bottom

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Our colleague Elaine Shannon, who covers the State Department, passed on this intel about Condi Rice’s Sunday obsession:

There’s no world crisis big enough to stop Condi Rice, rabid football fan, from watching the playoffs. With her favorite team, the Cleveland Browns, failing to make the post-season, Rice was pulling for the Colts and coach Tony Dungy against the Patriots, the team of the many preppies on her staff, including her right hand man Nick Burns, the Boston-born Undersecretary for Political Affairs, and Sean McCormack, the State Department spokesman.

Rice came in Monday morning and let her staffers, particularly the gloomy Patriots fans, know how thoroughly she enjoyed the Colts’ amazing comeback win. Then she sat down and wrote both Dungy and Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith notes of congratulations, not just for getting their teams to the Super Bowl but for making history as the first African-American coaches to lead their teams to the big game.

These days I bet she wishes she had Roger Goodell’s job instead of the one she’s got.